I've hosted over the past five years, mainly in the summer months, through two different international organizations of volunteers around the world who come here to my place. I have experienced this a brilliant idea for cultural exchange and received a lot. I've been able to meet different kinds of people, learned their way of living and I´ve got more understanding of the world around.
Finally, I also had the opportunity to try volunteering myself. I chose West Africa as my destination. My idea was to spend half of my time being a volunteer in Gambia, half of the time hanging around other small countries in the region, such as Senegal and Guinea-Bissau.



Getting to know the locals, living with the locals is the best when travelling. And this way of travelling is great. Daily budgets can be small because of being able to live with local families. It adds more insight into global life too, and we see that we all are the same kind of people - with our own joys, daily worries, or sorrows.

I have had a dream that I invite you to help me make. I need assistance with daily house work, such as housekeeping, gardening, making firewood, small renovating jobs, berry picking, mushroom picking... depending on the season.




Volunteers should be proficient in English, as an important reason for hosting is that I have an opportunity to practice my language skills.

This bohemian house is an old border guarding building, total with 10 rooms, 3 floors, located close (400 m) to the Russian border in Eastern Finland. Currently, this is a private home but I have a small B&B (home accommodation) too. Here are also living a cat and four Alaskan Malamutes sled-dogs (kept outside 24/7).




This is a very quiet and peaceful place, with the nearest shop located 25 kilometers away. Here you can enjoy the silence and nature.




Private room and daily meals (no meat apart from fish) are provided, WI-FI, sauna everyday if needed, and a free gym is also available in the village nearby. Summer activities are canoeing, rowing, trekking, mountain biking, bird and bear watching, yoga, fishing, rafting, tubing, climbing, swimming...




Volunteers will be welcomed from April to October, with 3-7 volunteers at a time during the 2020 season. Around the village few of  friends are hosting volunteers too and we have parties together...

This place has good vibes :)